New TB Meningitis test beats the rest

Tuberculous meningitis

TB meningitis is a major cause of death in Southern Africa, but the current diagnostic tests are not as quick or as sensitive as they need to be. Finding a sensitive, rapid test for TB meningitis has been elusive until now, but that is changing thanks to BioFISA II funding and researchers at Antrum Biotech.

Trailblazing in TB Diagnostics: Profiling Ms Khilona Radia

Khilona Radia

The SANBio–BioFISA II Programme is fortunate to have female project leaders supervising some of the grants in their funding portfolio. In this profile we focus on Khilona Radia, the co-founder of Antrum Biotech, a University of Cape Town spin-off specialising in Healthcare Innovation.

Commemorating SADC Malaria Week 2- 6 November: Let us Fight Malaria

Malaria infected mosquito

In southern Africa, the rainy season typically lasts from October to April and reaches maximum strength between November and March. This is also the malaria transmission season in the region. Therefore, the first week of November every year has been declared as the SADC Malaria Week (2-6 November) which includes the SADC Malaria Day (6 November) aiming to raise awareness and promote partnerships in the fight against the disease.