A new breed of entrepreneurs – Social Entrepreneurship

A new breed of entrepreneurs

As the African proverb says, “you empower a woman, you empower a nation”. Taking this powerful thought forward, the 2nd season of the FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme aims to trigger the possibility of empowering a generation by empowering the women.

I4F project turns mealworms into sustainable food products


Insects For Feed, Food and Fertiliser (I4F), a flagship project funded by NEPAD SANBio through the BioFISA II programme, is turning highly nutritious yellow mealworms into animal feed, food and other products.

When you think of insects, your first thoughts are probably of creepy crawlies; they might make you feel scared, grossed out or just uncomfortable. But a new project wants you to feel differently about insects, and more specifically mealworms. Could you ever think of these squirming bugs as food?

Food Co-creation & Innovation Workshop held in Pretoria

Food Co-creation & Innovation Workshop

In order to develop products from indigenous resources and create new markets for them, it is important to empower women, farmers and relevant students with information which enables them to start thinking innovatively about food and food products. Business skills and scientific awareness as well as connections with food manufacturers can be of great help to these stakeholders.

Nutri'zaza, a social business combating malnutrition in Madagascar: Profiling Mrs Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo

Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo

In Madagascar, nearly half of children are malnourished. The main cause is the poor quality of the food they receive, notably in disadvantaged households (due to inadequate breastfeeding practices and complementary foods that are nutritionally very lacking). For 14 years, GRET, a French NGO, has been fighting early childhood malnutrition in Madagascar by educating mothers and distributing infant flours through the hotelin-jazakely restaurants for babies.

Food for Thought and Thought for Food: Profiling Dr Nomusa Dlamini

Dr Nomusa Dlamini

In the 21st century many women have really used their strength and capabilities to fill a much-needed gap in Business/Science. One of these remarkable women is Dr Nomusa Rhoda Dlamini. Dr Dlamini is a Principal Researcher in Food Sciences at CSIR Biosciences. She has extensive experience in the food and agro-processing sector and has participated in technology transfer and training. She has several publications in regional and international peer reviewed journals, and she has also presented at international conferences.

Nourishing nations – and it is just the beginning: Profiling Ms Makekele Somo

Ms Makekele Somo

It is said, for good reason, that what we put in our mouth matters. Good nutrition prevents disease and therapeutically reverses and treats illness. Also, it contributes to a better quality of life and longevity. On the other hand, a deficit in micronutrients can lead to disease, overeating and unhealthy behaviour.