Tech transfer critical for R&D - SANBio @ SARIMA Conference 2017

Opening plenary session at SARIMA Conference 2017

SARIMA provides a platform for the promotion and facilitation of best practice in research and innovation management in Southern Africa and its purpose is to strengthen the research and innovation system to ensure the social and economic development of the Southern African region.

Boston Study Tour – Part 1: The Legal Landscape

Study tour

Intellectual property, regulations, and attorney fees

Boston, an area of 124 square kilometres has a remarkably large number of attorney firms with new firms established frequently. One would wonder how so many lawyers could be established in such a small space and still be profitable, but when one looks deeper into the Boston biotech ecosystem, the reasons become rather obvious. This is because in an area of just over 124 square kilometres, there are at least 900+ companies with some big brands such as Vertex established here.

Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer – a Course Participant’s Perspective

Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer

Intellectual property (IP) management and technology transfer (TT) are important activities for enhancing the impact of research and development (R&D) in the public sector. They facilitate the uptake, application and use of developed products and services by companies who can take them to market, and ultimately by the communities and end-users who can benefit from them.