The future is digital and nigh – SADC Ministerial meeting

Industry 4.0

Clemence is a 45-year old successful livestock farmer in rural countryside of Chipinge, in Zimbabwe. He is a family man with six children, 3 boys and 3 girls, all of them going through primary school. In the past two decades, Clemence has seen enough change in technology for a whole life-time, starting from a time where one had to batter trade a cow for a mobile phone SIM card to now, where the same card costs less than USD 1. Now he does not have to write letters but send text messages.

Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer – a Course Participant’s Perspective

Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer

Intellectual property (IP) management and technology transfer (TT) are important activities for enhancing the impact of research and development (R&D) in the public sector. They facilitate the uptake, application and use of developed products and services by companies who can take them to market, and ultimately by the communities and end-users who can benefit from them.

Innovation Readiness Course – A Student Ambassador’s perspective

Green Innovation

This article is courtesy of our SANBio Student Ambassador for Zimbabwe, Joyce Fati Masvaya, who was the first person to complete the course, offered by BioFISA II, on Innovation Readiness.