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SANBio Youth Ambassadors


Student Ambassadors

We at SANBio wish to engage students in order to promote biosciences and leverage the younger generation's enthusiasm. Under the BioFISA II programme, an initiative has been launched to form and mobilize a group of passionate supporters and volunteers, the SANBio Youth Ambassadors. We will equip them to speak smartly about biosciences, SANBio and its vision. Youth ambassadors will be provided with a welcome kit, including guidelines for speaking about our organization, the history of SANBio, the programmes and services we offer, a directory of friendly and relevant places to spread the word, some branded promotional products and information material etc. We will also arm them with the right know-how and intelligence necessary for communicating effectively about our organization.

The ultimate goal will be for SANBio to have one head ambassador in each member state with a team around them.

How do I become a Youth Ambassador?

The youth ambassadors will be university students from the field of biosciences, selected among volunteers based on qualifications and motivation. We are looking for people with passion, energy and good social skills. To become a youth ambassador candidate, you only need to be active on our social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. In other words, SANBio encourages students and young professionals to post, share and like content and ideas with the public and the SANBio network. SANBio welcomes ideas, hints on the current happenings in the region's biosciences field, as well as all kinds of content (articles, photos etc.) which can be posted directly on our Facebook page, Twitter (@nepadsanbio) or sent to

We keep track of the most active contributors and contact the candidates showing the most activity.

What is in it for me?

While the youth ambassadors are non-paid volunteers, SANBio can provide them with the following incentives:

Free travel and event participation:
Ambassadors will be invited to participate in various events and visits in the SADC region and potentially beyond (agreed-upon travel will be paid for).

Other opportunities
Ever felt like doing something new and exciting? We can provide support for relevant initiatives and activities. 

Not to forget: Career advancement, references, training and networking ... and more to come.

What are Youth Ambassadors expected to do?

  • The roles and responsibilities of Youth Ambassadors may include: Promoting SANBio and biosciences in their respective countries and the region by arranging events, activities, competitions and workshops for students to promote biosciences, depending on available resources
  • Creating content (articles, photos) for SANBio
  • Actively contributing to SANBio social media platforms
  • Relaying information about current developments in biosciences and related policies from the member countries to the SANBio Secretariat
  • Engaging and collaborating with the SANBio nodes (if one is in their country)
  • Coming up with innovative initiatives for the SANBio Secretariat to consider
  • Ultimately contributing to the creation of a Youth Ambassador network in order to facilitate regional cooperation and knowledge exchange

Sounds great - I'm in! So... what now?

Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Let us know what you are made of and what excites you in biosciences. Send us ideas! Post photos, relevant news stories, your own articles or blog posts, and most importantly tell other people about SANBio! Feel free to drop us a line also by email ( expressing your interest. We will take everything into account when selecting and contacting the most active candidates.

Furthermore, feel free to pass the information on to your friends and within your organisations, schools and universities! The more people involved the better and the wider the reach of our network.