World IP Day
Intellectual Property: A must for Small and Medium Enterprises development
3 May 2021
Intellectual Property (IP) is simply defined as the creations of the mind. A more encompassing definitions view IP as legal rights which result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literar...
International Girls in ICT Day
International Girls in ICT 2021
29 April 2021
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a vital driver of sustainability as it addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 5 (SDG5). According to the...
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge: Coming Soon!
12 April 2021
AUDA-NEPAD SANBio and Seeding Labs have partnered to bring you the 'Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge' which seeks to promote safe working environment in a time of COVID-19.  Labor...
Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato bread
Nutritious Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) bread in South Africa to tackle malnutrition and drive business growth
8 April 2021
AUDA-NEPAD SANBio and International Potato Centre (CIP) in partnership with McCain Foods and Agricultural Research Council (...
World TB Day 2021
Living with Tuberculosis in the time of COVID-19
25 March 2021
Chimwemwe (not pictured), a 26 year-old living in the Machinga region, Khowa Village,  Malawi was diagnosed with tuberculosis in December 2019 after noticing a persistent cough which would not go away even after treating it with medicati...
Africa's potential for vaccine development
Africa’s potential for vaccine development – ZOOM colloquium
16 February 2021
The fight against COVID-19 is being held back by the shortage of vaccines globally – consequently leading to a geopolitical tensions and accusation of “vaccine nationalism”. ...