What's New at SANBio

What's new at SANBio

After a well-deserved break, we hit the ground running this year and this is what you can look forward to seeing from us this year!

It is in this year that our aspirations to play a role in economic recovery after COVID-29 materialise. Our BioFISA II BizBoost entrepreneurs are preparing themselves to pivot economic solutions post the effects of the pandemic.  We’re kick starting the year with the implementation of our BioFISA II BizBoost programme. Although sub-Saharan Africa’s growth is only predicted to increase by 0.1% to 3.8%, were determined to contribute to that growth in every way we can. More importantly, we’re excited to see how our bioentrepreneurs and business owners are going to contribute with the help from our planned interventions.

Our effort to support entrepreneurs in health and nutrition remains steadfast. We are particularly excited to see the influence of the BioFISA II programme on women and youth in business. Women and youth have been seen as the embodiment of the perceptions of marginalisation brought on by varying pandemics. We hope to repaint this narrative, placing women and youth at the forefront of a recovery African economy. At the forefront of our beneficiaries.

We look forward to continued collaborations that contribute and impact the SADC economy in business and knowledge.

Thank you to our funders, host, and stakeholders for the continued support.