From Waste to Feed: Profiling Mrs Memory Revesai and Partner Feeds Pvt Ltd

Mrs Memory Revesai

As part of the activities related to the FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme, SANBio is profiling female bioscientists and bioentrepreneurs working in the innovation space.

“I believe in trying out new things and confidently taking on calculated risks and challenges until a vision has turned into reality. As a result I have been able to make a giant step out of my comfort zone into bioscience-based business fields currently dominated by men.“ – Mrs Memory Revesai, Partner Feeds Pvt Ltd

Partner Feeds Pvt Ltd. was established by Mrs and Mr Revesai to make a contribution to society through conversion of food waste to highly nutritious feed for animals. The business started just as an idea on a piece of paper and it was officially registered as a limited company in the year 2015. “I cofounded it together with my husband who offered to support my bio-vision by handling all the technical matters of the business as an accomplished commercial nutritionist with extensive food processing experience. Accomplishing our vision of better nourishing the world whilst creating a safer living environment through the waste to feed programme will also pay huge economic dividends by helping poultry, livestock and aquaculture farmers overcome the spiraling costs of feed owing to the ever worsening shortages of maize and soya beans in the region,” Mrs Revesai elaborated.

They had realized that there is an untapped potential to recreate food waste into a high value raw material for stock feed, and started engaging with bakeries to collect and process the bread waste into a high energy low-cost ingredient (at half the price of corn) which was named crumb mix. This was sold to farmers, feed companies and also used in making the company’s own feed for sale to beef, dairy, pig, poultry and aquaculture farmers. Mrs Revesai noted that this was only the tip of the iceberg of waste: “We later also realized that there is just so much waste in the country that has negative impacts such as land and underground water pollution, harbouring pathogens and promoting the spread of contagious diseases in high density areas and production of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.”

Partner Feeds is planning to expand their product range in the future to include fruits and vegetables, bio-pillows, blended animal proteins, recycled plastics and electronic waste. “This will help us achieve a more comprehensive waste minimization programme in terms of reducing the negative effects of waste on humans and biodiversity. Mrs Revesai projects that “in five years’ time our growth shall exceed more than $1 million and we shall become a highly successful and world class eco-business that will be not only be a model to many but a blue chip company that investors will scramble for”.

“My entrepreneurial calling coupled with my love for the well-being of my fellow human beings led me into the path that I am pursuing of making a lasting impact by recycling of food waste into high value stock feed. I believe our success story can motivate other women to also step out of their shell and achieve new heights in bioentrepreneurship”, she concludes.