Technology key to development: Scientists

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Scientists participating in this year’s Research and Intellectual Expo have underscored the need for the application of emerging technologies to solve socio-economic challenges bedevilling local communities.

The 2014 edition of the Science and Technology Expo has brought emerging technologies such as biotechnology and nano-technology under focus with researchers resolving to improve people’s lives by transferring technologies downstream.  

The Southern Africa Network for Bio-Sciences Network Manager, Dr. Ereck Chakauya said it is a must for researchers to link up with communities, assess their needs and make relevant interventions to improve their lifestyles.

“You need to link universities and research institutions with community so that the community is part of the development of the products that can help us to transfer also appreciating that technologies are there to solve problems so we emphasize solutions to the challenges,”  he said.

The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement Project Coordinator, Ms. Bafedile Kgwadi said science and technology must help solve challenges at national level. 

“Science and technology must benefit the country, they must be life changing even to a lay person,” she said.
The Research and Intellectual Property Expo that is running at the University of Zimbabwe has brought about exposure on what local and regional researchers are doing in their institutions.