SANBio member states share perspectives on regional Science Granting Councils

Science Granting Councils workshop participants taking a group photo

The NEPAD Southern Africa Network for Biosciences participated at the week-long Southern Africa Regional Science Granting Councils (SGCs) workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to deliberate on the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy context and understand the link between policy and indicators. The workshop took place 1-4 November 2016, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In his introductory remarks Dr Mangwende, NEPAD Agency Head of Research and Statistics Cluster, highlighted that the aim of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity SGCs to support research and evidence-based policies for socio-economic development in Africa. He further emphasised that Science Granting Councils need to play a pivotal role in STI decision making.

The workshop was co-hosted by the Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) and NEPAD. The participating granting councils included; Research Council of Zimbabwe, National Commission on Research Science and Technology (Namibia), National Commission for Science and Technology (Malawi), National Research Fund (Mozambique). These participating Science Granting Councils are expected understand the indicators and relevant disaggregated datasets for Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation for their respective countries.

There is need to convey clear key messages on R&D investment to national governments and the message should not only be about the investment from Governments but on how R&D institutions are also getting revenues from the different services they are involved in. Member states must keep their respective national governments abreast on challenges and opportunities in implementing STI policies.

SANBio encourages member states to get involved in initiatives of this calibre to enhance their understanding and importance of STI investment and to strengthen STI policies with strong science.