SANBio adds another team member

Nontobeko Zulu, SANBio Network Secretary

Meet Ms Nontobeko Precious Zulu, the new SANBio Network Secretary. Before joining SANBio, she was working as a Personal Assistant to the General Manager at the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Social Development in the Development and Research Unit. Nontobeko holds a National Diploma in Office Management and Technology and B-Tech in Business Administration from the Durban University of Technology.

”I am a result-oriented person with a high level of competence and professionalism. I am bringing with me a combination of skills and knowledge that has allowed me to deliver high quality work in the past,” said Nontobeko.

Nontobeko is excited to be part of SANBio and is looking forward to familiarising herself with the activities happening in the network, as well as contributing to the SANBio network.

When asked our trademark question of which indigenous plant or animal she would be, she replied with a smile: “I would be an apple. It is a highly disease resistant, highly adaptable to various different climates, but thrives in difficult temperate. This fruit gives nutritious juice, it can be used for various things, baking, cooking or eaten on their own. Like this fruit, I am versatile and can perform well in different situations, on my own or in a team. And if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I am just as reliable and will be a healthy asset to any organization. Though I have a soft centre and excellent interpersonal skills, I also have a thick skin and am not put off by setbacks. I grow and develop all year round.”

Welcome to the NEPAD-Southern African Network for Biosciences Nontobeko!