Policy Briefs Training: Enhancing skills of civil servants and policy advisors

Policy briefs training in SADC

Civil servants and advisors to policymakers need to enhance their skills in their understanding of policy development if they are to implement it well.


It is because of this need that the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) and SANBio have undertaken to strategically support and promote the implementation of the SADC Protocol on STI signed by the Head of States in 2008 and entered into force in 2017.


This partnership has resulted in a call being issued for the expression of interest to provide SADC member states training on Policy Briefs.


The training will be spearheaded by the consortium in conjunction with senior or retired civil servants in the selected countries or regions and thus serve to create seamless generational knowledge transfer to younger, less experienced colleagues.


The outcome of targeted training will be assisting civil servants in middle to top management improve their efficiency and building their capacity to influence the formulation and implementation of evidence-based public policies and practices.