Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge: Coming Soon!

Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge

AUDA-NEPAD SANBio and Seeding Labs have partnered to bring you the 'Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge' which seeks to promote safe working environment in a time of COVID-19. 

Laboratory staff are used to working in an environment where samples are infectious – but the COVID-19 pandemic presents an extra challenge in an environment where colleagues may be asymptomatic carriers of respiratory disease. Often the work performed in labs is critical to the health of our communities – whether directly processing diagnostics for disease, or training the next generation of students to become medical professionals and researchers.

Returning to the lab requires solutions to new challenges – such as protocols for safely disinfecting and sharing equipment, to the separation of physical spaces and people. For labs unfamiliar with working with infectious diseases and microbial pathogens, known sterile environment techniques and low-cost solutions need to be shared as well.

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