Meet the SANBio Hub Manager – Dr Sechaba Bareetseng

Dr Sechaba Bareetseng SANBio Hub Manager

Dr Sechaba Bareetseng is a highly experienced manager with a proven aptitude to manage different projects. Before being appointed as the SANBio Hub manager Dr Bareetseng was managing the Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Biodiversity Management portfolio within the then CSIR Biosciences Natural Product and Agroprocessing Technology Platform (now the Bioprospecting and Agroprocessing Technology Platform). His management experience includes roles such as Deputy Director of Biotechnology and Policy Implementation and Deputy Director of Hydrogen Economy at the Department of Science South Africa, and Technology Transfer Officer at the Medical Research Council’s Innovation Centre.

Dr Sechaba holds a PhD in Microbiology, a Master’s Degree in Management in Innovation Studies, as well as a Diploma in Management Advancement Programme as well as a Post-doctoral research experience in biotechnology.

The SANBio Hub (CSIR) provides support to the SANBio Network (Southern African Network for Biosciences), by increasing access to the Hub’s world-class research facilities to African countries to accelerate technology development in multi-disciplinary and diverse scientific fields.

The SANBio Hub established research, development and technology offerings that can be provided to the SADC region and can also support IP management, technology transfer and commercialisation, as well as provide human and infrastructure capacity development in order to contribute towards addressing the socioeconomic challenges facing the region in the areas of food security, malnutrition and burden of diseases.

“For the next period, the Hub will be focusing on establishing partnerships with the relevant research institutions and private sector companies in the region; finalising the relevant agreements and developing mechanisms to raise funding to implement the business plan. The Hub will also offer a number of training opportunities and host members from the SANBio Network in our laboratories as visiting scientists,” said Dr Sechaba.

The region can leverage the Hub’s experience and the research facilities to accelerate their technology development.

For more information contact the Hub Manager: Dr Sechaba Bareetseng; Email address:, Office telephone: 27 12 841 2574; Cell phone number: +27 82 332 8367