The Lady Behind 'Les Huiles essentielles de Laurianne': Profiling Mrs Laurianne Ghansseeram

Laurianne Ghansseeram and Les Huiles essentielles de Laurianne

In Mauritius, in a small village named Anse Jonchée, where people depend on agriculture and fishing to earn their living, Mrs Laurianne Ghansseeram started her own small business of plant-based essential oils production in 2006. She owns a small fancy shop named 'Les Huiles essentielles de Laurianne' and a traditional distillation factory located in front of her house, which catch the attention of all tourists passing by who are her main customers.

With the help of her husband, Mrs Ghansseeram goes all the way on river banks and mountains to collect leaves and flowers of plants needed for the production of essential oils. 'Les Huiles essentielles de Laurianne' are essential oils produced from 20 plants such as Cananga odorata (Ylang-ylang), Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass), Cinnamomum verum (Cinnamon) and Citrus parasidi (Grapefruit). The production is monitored by government authorities, which ensure the entire process is carried out according to all norms and regulations. Based on indigenous knowledge, Mrs Ghansseeram often talks about the biological properties of these essential oils to her customers.

“After primary education, I was not lucky enough to further continue my study because of financial constraints, but my passion, courage and curiosity about plants has pushed me to start this business of essential oils. I am passionate to learn more about natural products, especially the innovative methods available for essential oils extraction so I can further expand my business. There is no age limit for learning; now, in my early 50s, I have starting following IT courses with the aim to promote my business by through social media. I wish to go to Madagascar or South Africa to get training from people or organisations involved in essential oils production,” said Laurianne.