Institutional Collaborations key for regional development – talks between Madagascar and South Africa

An indigenous plant from Madagascar

Collaboration has always been SANBio‘s priority and encouraging collaboration between institutions or individuals is not about relationships only, but increasingly, it’s about helping people get more work done – synergies are nothing to sniff at.

The Director of the National Centre for Applied Pharmaceutical Research of Madagascar, Dr Michel Ratsimbason, visited the SANBio Hub (CSIR) from the 8-9 September to discuss possible areas of collaboration. The two institutions proposed the following areas of collaboration; research management, i.e. from indigenous knowledge, raw material (medicinal plants) to final product and quality control along the research and technology development value chain and coupled to intellectual property management and technology transfer issues.

“We are both keen to collaborate on indigenous medicinal plant species to both countries for cosmetic and other applications such as medicine and food. Human capital development in the form of MSc and PhD training as well as training of research staff from both countries on research apparatuses will form part of the collaboration,” said SANBio Hub Manager Dr Sechaba Bareetseng.

The two institutions representing their respective countries signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to share confidential information to explore collaborative research and technology development opportunities.

They are proposing a five-year research programme to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Madagascar) and the Department of Science and Technology (South Africa).

The National Centre for Applied Pharmaceutical Research (Madagascar) and the SANBio Hub (CSIR South Africa) both have agreed to co-fund together with their governments to implement a five year programme.