Driving the Development of the Knowledge Economy

Scoping Reviews Webinar

A new approach to evidence synthesis has gained traction in the scientific field. Universities across the countries are now promoting this new approach known as scoping reviews in postgraduate studies. On 20 October, SANBio hosted a webinar to create awareness around this approach and to drive the growth of the knowledge economy in Southern Africa.


The webinar addressed a common problem in postgraduate research – access to resources and determining methodology. A diverse group of masters and doctorate candidates and researchers from seven countries and ten institutions across the SADC region attended the event.


Expert Dr. Alfred Musekiwa from the University of Pretoria presented the webinar giving knowledgeable insight into the importance of scoping reviews in research today. Attendees were also empowered with recommendations and strategies to best conduct a scoping review. As scoping reviews can be published, this initiative presented an opportunity for attendees to contribute to the knowledge economy through their potential publications.  


It is under the auspices of the ZimSonet project funded by the NRF that this webinar took place. It was jointly implemented by the University of Zimbabwe, SANBio, and the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD).