Commercialisation Training for Bioentrepreneurs

Over 30 bioentrepreneurs get commericialisation training

SANBio collaborated with TechTribe Accelerator and launched and concluded Phase 1 (Online training): of the Project Management workshop in early July. The objective of this training was to prepare entrepreneurs for investment readiness and commercialisation of their businesses.

The cohorts that took part in the training have businesses with tangible social products, services, or processes that contribute to their economies. The training consisted of nearly 40 cohorts from the National Commission on Research Science and Technology (NCSRT) in Namibia and its counterpart in Mozambique. The course focused on Bioscience Commercialisation training.

SANBio identified the possible challenges of virtual training, and the lowering of the lockdown restrictions presents an opportunity for the next phase of the project to be conducted in person.