Adding value to meat - Nashlom Suppliers : a Company Profile

Mr Zoole Neva, the proprietor of Nashlom Suppliers participated in a training workshop on value addition to meat and dairy products in Namibia, funded by the BioFISA II Programme. This is his story.

My small company named Nashlom Suppliers was registered in 2011 as a general dealing company. Operations started in 2013 with the ambition to contribute to the food value chain. I wanted to contribute towards job creation and fulfilling my personal ambition of being a successful business person. After consultation within the sector, I thought it is prudent to get involved in fish and meat selling. After a while, returns from the business showed that the margins from the beef were better than fish. After that I have concentrated more in the beef sales.

I intend to expand my sales to include commodities that go hand in hand with the food sold so that I can make my business a one-stop-shop for products that work well with my meat products. Additional products in the pipeline include processed meats into mince, sausages, biltong and so on.

 The drive to start thinking about this innovation has been there but my way of going about things has been boosted by the training that I attended in Namibia with the support from BioFISA II. From the training I realised that sausage made with moringa could be a new product which can easily be assimilated in the Zambian market. 

The main challenge I have faced over the years is the knowledge on how to best mix the ingredients (spices) when making mince and sausages. The other general constraints in starting up business are the issues of start-up capital and load shedding. With the right exposure, training and passion for business, I have been able to overcome most of these challenges. With the knowledge acquired from the training, the opportunity is also now there to move forward at a faster pace. But not only that, I have now made a network of peers. For instance, we have tentatively agreed with my Botswana counterpart to explore the possibility of selling their precooked and packed offals in Zambia – we will do the cooking since he’s a chef and I will do the selling since I have the marketing skills.

For newcomers, it is important to start small, know your market and constantly learn new skills in food processing and networking. Value addition makes a big difference in the meat industry.

Story from Zambia by Zoole Newa of Nashlom Suppliers