Silver lining - Earth Day 2016
Remember the planet you are li…
22 April 2016
Dr Sechaba Bareetseng SANBio Hub Manager
Meet the SANBio Hub Manager –…
22 April 2016
Dr Sechaba Bareetseng is a highly experienced ma
RINEA mobility grants scheme: Networking opportunities for African stakeholders in brokerage events in Europe
RINEA mobility grants scheme:…
14 April 2016
The Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA)
NEPAD-SANBio/BioFISA II Promoting Bioentrepreneurship – Making Science a Reality
31 March 2016
NEPAD-SANBio/BioFISA II arranged a Lean LaunchPad™ Training Program for short
In a khaki jacket, Dr Wisdom Changadeya taking SANBio/BioFISA II team on tour of facilities
Profiling Chancellor College…
29 March 2016
The Face
Dr Claudia Baule
Roots in Mozambique, experienc…
29 March 2016
During our recent visit to Mozambique, we met
SANBio Network Manager presenting Global and Continental perspective on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in implementing STISA 2024 towards achieving Agenda 2063
We are ready to start business…
17 March 2016
Africa needs young minds to solve its problems and the time is now.
Angelique Ingabire from Rwanda Agricultural Board and CSIR's Simone Hammersley preparing samples for real time polymerase chain reaction
Foot-and-Mouth Disease: CSIR s…
11 March 2016
The CSIR recently hosted a Southern Africa Network for Biosci
Joyce Fati Masvaya
Presenting the Second Student…
10 March 2016
“I am overjoyed to have been selected as the SANBio Student Ambassador for Zi