Healthy SMA²RT Snacks from Climate-Smart Crops

Healthy SMA²RT Snacks from Climate-Smart Crops

The University of Pretoria, National University of Lesotho and the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural resources have teamed up to develop Safe, Market ready, Acceptable African, Ready-to-eat/use, Trendy (SMA²RT) nutritious snacks from indigenous ingredients.

To date:
• A micro bakery enterprise Healthily Baked Pty Ltd., owned by three graduates from the National University of Lesotho (NUL), has been established.
• Commercial partner, Denmar Estates (Pty) Ltd has launched Motoho in the retail market, a sorghum based drink co-developed with the University of Pretoria (UP), and is well on its way to launch a second product as part of the project collaboration.
• SR Snacks Pty Ltd was established to commercialise a range of tasty and nutritious sorghum snacks under the SO-yhum brand.
• An exciting new sorghum-based product developed at Botswana University of Natural and Agricultural Resources (BUAN) is set to hit the market soon.
• Students at UP, NUL and BUAN are doing research and have received training and skills development opportunities as part of the project.

Key outputs from this funding include the creation of enterprises that commercialise healthy nutritious snacks from indigenous ingredients, job creation and local content along the value chain. Other outputs include the commercialisation of an instant traditional cereal-melon composite popular in Botswana. Overall, the products will create a culture of consuming healthy foods and promote indigenous foods among the youth, tourists and other consumers at local and international levels.



Prof. Henriëtte de Kock
Project Leader – South Africa
University of Pretoria

Dr Pulane Nkhabutlane
Co-Project leader – Lesotho
National University of Lesotho

Dr Rosemary Kobue-Lekalake
Co-Project Leader – Botswana
Botswana University of Agriculture
and Natural Resources (BUAN)

Prof. John Taylor
Project Scientific Advisor – South Africa
University of Pretoria

Dr Melodi Botha
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
– South Africa
University of Pretoria

Matlotliso Kotsoro
Makabelo Pita
Palesa Teke

Project Type

Seed project

Countries involved