Advancing a simple and rapid field test for bovine brucellosis

Brucellosis rapid testAdvancing a simple and rapid field test for bovine brucellosis

LifeAssay Diagnostics, a South Africa based diagnostics company has partnered with the University of Zimbabwe and the Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory to validate a rapid and simple field test for the serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis. Preliminary assessments show that the test is reliable and better priced than any of the current methods used to detect bovine brucellosis and can be performed at the animal’s side (point-of-care). As a lateral flow test, it is easy to use, does not need refrigeration or electricity, and provides the user with a result within 15 minutes.

To date, the team implementing this project has completed the:
• Research and Development to optimize the bovine brucellosis test.
• Production of 2000 sample prototypes for field validation.
• Training of the standard procedure for use of these tests in the predetermined locations (Botswana and Zimbabwe).
• Field sampling and testing in both Botswana and Zimbabwe of approximately 1200 cattle.

Final field sampling and laboratory testing will be completed and analysed for compilation of a journal article.

This is a novel and ground-breaking test as no point-of-care diagnostic kit for bovine brucellosis is currently available on the market. With this kit, it is expected that the diagnosis, reporting and management of bovine brucellosis shall be improved throughout Southern Africa to support better economic development particularly  for the small scale and other bovine farmers affected by this zoonotic disease.



Mr Louis Roux
Project Leader and Coordinator – South Africa
Managing Director at LifeAssay Diagnostics

Mr Thomas Sutcliffe
Project Manager – South Africa
LifeAssay Diagnostics

Prof. Davies M. Pfukenyi
Project Coordinator and Senior
Scientist – Zimbabwe
University of Zimbabwe

Ms Boitumelo Modise
Senior Scientist and Brucellosis Expert – Botswana
Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory

Project Type

Flagship project

Countries involved