Annual Event Speaker profile: Prof Riëtte de Kock

Prof Riëtte de Kock

Prof Riëtte de Kock is an Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Her research focus has been on food product development to meet the demands of a growing and more urbanised African population in transition, the exploration of the richness of sensory experiences in foods from Africa’s bio-diverse food sources and the tailoring of sensory properties of foods to make them not only nutritionally adequate, but also appealing and appetising. She has completed numerous technical reports on sensory and consumer evaluation research for various food and related companies, including various divisions of larger food groups such as Woolworths, Clover, McCain Foods, Pioneer Foods, Unilever etc. She has been leading a BioFISA II funded project to develop Safe, Market ready, Acceptable African, Ready-to-eat/use, Trendy (SMA²RT) nutritious snacks from indigenous ingredients.