Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge: Call for Applications
1 June 2021
With research and teaching labs in various stages of reopening around the world, Seeding Labs and SANBio, the Southern Africa Network for Biosciences, are issuing a challenge... To all the innovators and prob...
edible insects
African Neglected Crops can Unlock Economic Value
26 May 2021
What do Millets (Lebelebele), Fonio (acha or acca), Cowpeas, Quinoa, Amaranth (Bondwe), Marama Bean, and Cassava have in common? They are some of the many African foods which have been neglected, underutilized, and pushe...
Connected Conversations
Neglected Foods of Africa: How Africa can feed the world
17 May 2021
The role of indigenous foods which have largely been neglected by the formal commercial food systems may be key to progressing SDG2. These foods, such as Bambara groundnuts, millets, and edible insects are culturally acceptable in African cuisine,...
World IP Day
Intellectual Property: A must for Small and Medium Enterprises development
3 May 2021
Intellectual Property (IP) is simply defined as the creations of the mind. A more encompassing definitions view IP as legal rights which result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literar...
International Girls in ICT Day
International Girls in ICT 2021
29 April 2021
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a vital driver of sustainability as it addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 5 (SDG5). According to the...
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge: Coming Soon!
12 April 2021
AUDA-NEPAD SANBio and Seeding Labs have partnered to bring you the 'Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge' which seeks to promote safe working environment in a time of COVID-19.  Labor...