Broiler chicken feed with Moringa oleifera


Broiler chicken feed with Moringa oleifera

The project seeks to commercialize sustainable broiler chicken feed with Moringa oleifera as a partial substitute for soya cake in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The business is already producing the Moleifera broiler feed that results in reduced mortality and morbidly rates, tasty meat of low fat content, longer shelf life and meat of appealing golden brown colour. The project will improve chicken nutrition through the utilisation of Moleifera feed within the SADC region. The strategic key partners to this business include two universities, an industrialist and a funding partner. The two universities are responsible for research, product development, development of type two feed and IP issues. The industrial partner is involved with processing, packaging and distribution logistics of the product, while the financial partner assists with co-funding of the project. Some MOUs have been signed by the cooperating parties.

To date:
• Partnerships have been formed with moringa farmers, agro-dealers, agents ( and contract farmers. The farmers supply the feed raw materials, while the agro-dealers and agents distribute broiler chicken feed.
• The product is distributed mainly in Harare and its environs and 1 tonne of feed has so far been distributed to farmers. Another 15 tonnes will be distributed in the coming three months.

The feed derives some ingredients from the Moringa oleifera tree. Moringa trees also provide ecological benefits such as; wind breaks, improved water quality and air through carbon sequestration. In order to address the issue of availability and the price of moringa leaf powder, the business is promoting an outgrower programme so as to increase the supplier base, also providing the outgrowers with added income. The economic benefits of the project also include the reduced costs to small scale farmers who are in poultry production. Furthermore, the social benefits derived from using Moleifera feed include improved diets and employment generation.



Dr Christopher Tafara Gadzirayi
Project Leader – Zimbabwe
Bindura University of Science Education

Prof. Joseph Jimu Baloyi
Product Development Expert – South Africa
University of Venda

Mr Don Hativagone
Commercial Partner – Zimbabwe
Codeco (Pvt) Ltd

Mrs Marah Hativagone
Business Strategist – Zimbabwe
Codeco (Pvt) Ltd

Ms Dadirayi Manyumwa
Agronomist – Zimbabwe
Bindura University of Science Education

Project Type

Seed project

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