Anooradah Pooran – Association Pour L'Education Des Enfants Defavorises

Association Pour L'Education Des Enfants Defavorises (APEDED) – Mauritius

Secret Grand-mère produces 24 varieties of herbal infusion from organic medicinal plants of Mauritius, for common illnesses and prevention of severe illness. Herbal tea is consumed for its physical and medical effects, especially for its stimulant, relaxant and sedative properties. 80% of the company’s production capacity is geared towards the local market and the remaining 20% for exports. There is a growing demand of herbal infusion products, both locally and abroad. The company is HACCP Certified and explores different marketing avenues, especially in Europe.

The company’s main challenge is high investment requirements in equipment (machinery) in the long run to cope with the increasing demand. There is opportunity for more exports and a need to boost our production. The company believes its production can be tripled through purchase of additional machines and equipment. Production of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) herbal infusion for people suffering from diabetic and production of Noni soap for pigmentation and rashes will also be added to existing products.

With this selection of varieties of tisanes and herbal tea prepared for your pleasure, all natural and preservative free, Secret Grand-mère offers you everything that nature has to offer – just better.

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Anooradah Pooran