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Imsyser Health Products – South Africa

I, Dianne Neethling, started my business, Imsyser, out of a passion for people & health! Knowing that we are the root cause of most of our modern day ‘dis-eases’, the ‘calling’ to help others understand this and to prevent further afflictions, became my driving force.

I am committed to achieving this calling through health education on various social media channels via my business IMSYSER HEALTH PRODUCTS in association with affiliated businesses providing natural health products and job creation through this, right throughout Africa.

My drive will be to facilitate further learning, and healing, in communities by dedicated upliftment of women in such communities, by empowering them with small health hubs, functional throughout the country. Total healing can only be achieved through facilitating healing of Body, Mind and Spirit and I believe the right ‘workforce’ has been placed in my hands to achieve this with the end result, ‘TO LEAVE A LIVING LEGACY FOR ALL AFRICANS’.

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