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Global Health Biotech – South Africa

Global Health Biotech manufactures products such as La-Africa soother (LAS) and Plant based morphogenetic factor implants (PBMF) which are natural products from medicinal plants. The product offers novel and alternative treatment opportunities for fracture healing, bone, cartilage regeneration and osteoarthritis.

La–Africa Soother topical herbal gel offers athletes and sportsmen and women an alternative natural anti-inflammatory cream/ointment to treat pain, infection, wound healing, swelling, irritation, injury, inflammation and stimulate chondrocytes and the expression collagen type 11 which is responsible for tensile strength of articular cartilage.

La–Africa Soother topical herbal gel stimulates chondrocytes which makes it different from other competitors who sell herbs and traditional medicines. Their products alleviate pain but do not stimulate chondrocytes formation. While plant based morphogenetic factor (PBMF) implants are used by surgeries for bone fracture, periodontal, dental and cranio-maxillofacial patients.

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