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Black Hair - Lesotho

Ms Hape Marite is the owner and Founder of Black Hair (Pty) Ltd, a company whose mandate is to promote good, healthy hair and skin while also ensuring that a black woman wears her hair with confidence. Black Hair products are specifically formulated with organics to be gentle and less abrasive to the skin. Ms Marite emphasises that Black Hair is a movement aimed at making women aware of the cancer causing chemicals contained by hair relaxers.

The story of Black Hair was initially inspired by the health effects of relaxers. According to research, some of the toxic ingredients in relaxers include sodium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, thioglycolic acid and lithium hydroxide which all cause scalp bruises and burns. Relaxers are mostly known of their high pH which also adds to their caustic characteristic. These chemicals also deplete the natural sebum secreted by the skin thereby leading to dryness and flaking of the skin, potentially leading to many problems such as fungal infections.

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Hape Marite
+266 22311103
hape@blackhair.co.ls ; hapemarite@gmail.com