Resurrection bush tea

Resurrection bush tea

The project aims to commercialise Resurrection Bush Tea out of Zimbabwe. Resurrection bush is drunk in small volumes by herbal tea drinkers in Zimbabwe, and to a smaller extent in South Africa. However, at present the domestic volumes are lower than it is believed they could be, with a more premium product aimed at higher end and tourist markets. In addition the project believes it is possible to enter the international market with the required safety and toxicology data in place.

To date:
• The toxicology testing and a comprehensive report which have been completed show that Resurrection bush herbal tea is safe for consumption by humans.
• The team is working with the Zimbabwean Ministry of the Environment and other stakeholders to establish Bioprospecting regulations in Zimbabwe. The partners in Zimbabwe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chivi Rural District Council, which allows the project to apply for a harvesting permit and engage the community on access and benefit sharing (ABS).
• Market testing has been completed in Harare with 48 randomly selected participants – this has provided valuable data on how to market and promote the Resurrection bush herbal tea, and on what blends may be most popular, in the local market.
• A marketing partner has been selected and the first product is expected in supermarkets in the next few months.

This project will increase the volumes of Resurrection bush currently being harvested by rural collectors (mostly women in ecological zones 4 and 5 of Zimbabwe). This will increase the number of collectors that can be employed as well as increase annual income, without detracting from other sources of income. It will establish Resurrection bush as a recognised product of Zimbabwe and increase local manufacturing as well as export potential to South Africa and abroad. The project will also set a precedent in Zimbabwe for benefit sharing with traditional communities. This may help to develop future policy on indigenous resources and knowledge in Zimbabwe.



Mr Ulrich Feiter
CEO and Founder – South Africa
Parceval Pty Ltd

Ms Avril Harvey
Project Manager – South Africa
Parceval Pty Ltd

Ms Caroline Jacquet
Project Manager – Zimbabwe
Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe

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Seed project

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