Addressing Africa's most pressing challenges through innovation

Dr Ereck Chakauya

According to Rainbow Tanks, South Africa uses an average of 235 litres of water daily per capita when compared to the 173 litres of water per capita in the world. While this number paints a grim picture, a function of high levels of non-revenue water and a high reliance on water-intensive coal-fired power plants for electricity are also some of the huge contributors to this crisis. 

Innovation Readiness Course – A Student Ambassador’s perspective

Green Innovation

This article is courtesy of our SANBio Student Ambassador for Zimbabwe, Joyce Fati Masvaya, who was the first person to complete the course, offered by BioFISA II, on Innovation Readiness.

Water way to go: Climate change and drought in Southern Africa

Drought, CC0

It cannot be denied that an unprecedented heating of our world is currently under way – climate experts are at this point already quite sure that this year is destined to be the hottest on record thus far, surpassing the records set by the previous two years.

We are ready to start businesses

SANBio Network Manager presenting Global and Continental perspective on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in implementing STISA 2024 towards achieving Agenda 2063

Africa needs young minds to solve its problems and the time is now. This was the message at the 10th African Young Graduates and Scholars Conference in Limpopo. Through events like this youth can be motivated and encouraged to come up with ideas that will change the world as we know it. The NEPAD-Southern Africa Network for Biosciences is participating at the African Young Graduates and Scholars conference from 14-17 March 2016 at the University of Limpopo under the theme “The Africa We Want”.