SANBio Annual Event 2019

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SANBio Annual Event 2019



The NEPAD Southern Africa Network for Biosciences (SANBio) provides a shared research, development and innovation platform for collaborative research in health and nutrition. With the support of the BioFISA II Programme, since 2017, NEPAD SANBio has hosted an annual networking event for regional and international stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues in the SADC region.

The theme of this year’s event is Beyond the Valleys: Untold tales of Biopreneurs. 2019 marks the end of the BioFISA II Programme, and this year's event shines a spotlight on the programme’s achievements over the four years of its implementation, as well as various topics such as innovation trends in health and nutrition in Africa and globally, models and practical experiences in commercialising research outputs, and biobusiness in the 21st century.

The event also ties in with the new collaboration between SANBio and Hivos, contributing to the creation of a sustainable and inclusive future for the SADC region, with additional sessions taking place around business acceleration, entrepreneurial support, and the inclusion of women and youth in the economy at large.

SANBio wishes for companies to engage with investors, for academics to meet eye to eye with industry and relevant policy makers, and for the youth to team up with renowned experts for discussions on the paradigm shifts at hand. Furthermore, a pitching competition will be held for startup entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be, and companies in biosciences.

Whether you are looking for investors, customers, academic contacts, media exposure or mentoring, the SANBio Annual Event 2019 offers an opportunity to network and engage with the biosciences innovation community. The event is designed as an energetic meeting point between all the different players and influencers in the sector. The people to attend are those with a passion for what they do.

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