Emerging Farmers and Agro Processing Conference 2019

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This event aims to illustrate the absence of a competitive agro-processing sector in many developing countries that have a comparative advantage in agriculture. An under- developed agro-processing industry is a significant missed opportunity to create sustainable jobs and incomes, because each additional job in agro-processing creates 2.8 jobs extra jobs in the wider economy, each agro-processor purchases from numerous small-holder farmers, and small-holders often lose 50 percent of their harvest from seasonal gluts.

This event will provide a platform for food and agriculture researchers, masters of innovation and seasoned experts in agricultural management development relevant site visits to agricultural leading companies will provide you with a behind the scenes look at best Agro processing practices.

Dates: 30 - 31 July 2019

Venue: CSIR ICC, Pretoria, South Africa

To attend, please call: +27 73 946 9796 and ask for Ryan