Tuberculous meningitis
New TB Meningitis test beats the rest
21 June 2018
TB meningitis is a major cause of death in Southern Africa, but the current diagnostic tests are not as quick or as sensitive as they need to be. Finding a sensitive, rapid test for TB meningitis has been elusive until now, but that is changin...
Dr Ereck Chakauya
Addressing Africa's most pressing challenges through innovation
19 June 2018
According to Rainbow Tanks, South Africa uses an average of 235 litres of water daily per capita when compared to the 173 litres of water per capita in the world. While this number paint...
PCR Machine
Weekend Success of Inaugural LabHack Zimbabwe
19 June 2018
Youth month activities kicked off in Zimbabwe last week at the inaugural LabHack in partnership with the National Biotech Authority (NBA),...
cow farm
South African cattle diagnostic test eyes global markets
15 June 2018
Cattle farmers can now test their animals on the spot for brucellosis, a highly infectious disease that threatens both bovine and human life. Much like a pregnancy test, the new diagnostic tool, developed by LifeAssay Diagnostics and supported...
Employees cover
Meet the new SANBio/BioFISA II Interns
4 June 2018
Meet Kelebohile Faith Sedieane, our new member to the SANBio team. Born and bred from the Free State, Bloemfontein, having previously worked as a journalist for community newspapers, Kelebohile joins the team as a Communications Intern. She curren...
Fish scale cover
Cosmeceuticals take centre stage
1 June 2018
Human health and specialised bio-products was the order of the day at this year’s South Africa edition of the FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme (Season 2) – Phase 1 Business Training and Pitching competition, arranged by SANBio in partnership w...