Agribusiness course participants
Agribusiness: A Tool for the Empowerment of Rural Women
2 June 2017
Dennis Goodson Chinkhata, a Master’s Degree student in Rural Development and Agriculture Extension at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Malawi, recently received a BioFISA II mobility grant from SANBio....
CSIR Career Day
Enriching young minds: CSIR Career Day
2 June 2017
Africa is young – and it continues to get younger as other populations around the world are getting older. There are almost 200 million youths in Africa and, according to African Economic Outlook it is believed that the number will double by 2045....
Adding value to meat - Nashlom Suppliers : a Company Profile
2 June 2017
Mr Zoole Neva, the proprietor of Nashlom Suppliers participated in a training workshop on value addition to meat and dairy products in Namibia, funded by the BioFISA II Programme. This is his story. My small company named Nashlom...
Participants at training
Value addition to dairy and meat products – a training conducted by the University of Namibia and supported by SANBio/BioFISA II
2 June 2017
Food safety is a global issue of increasing concern for governments, food producers, food processors and handlers, as well as consumers. For Africa and particularly the Southern African region, governments are always putting much effort and funds...
Fannie Gondwe (Centre) posing for a photo with Marja-Reetta Paaso and Professor Emmanuel Kaunda
Female agro-dealer wins FemBioBiz Country Competition in Malawi
31 May 2017
Lilongwe-based agro-dealer Fannie Gondwe won the 2017 Female Biosciences Business (FemBioBiz) Acceleration Programme’s local competition in Malawi. Mrs Gondwe will join other top performers who will have the opportunity to meet investors,...
Celebrating Africa Day in Style: Showcasing Africa’s Innovations
26 May 2017
Africa Day, 25 May 2017, Pretoria, South Africa This year’s Africa Day was commemorated differently with entrepreneurs and research oriented organisations showcasing innovations and also celebrating the good work the Afr...