Medical devices
Medical device regulations in southern Africa will boost innovation and improve patient health
1 August 2018
Sub-Saharan Africa faces extreme challenges in public health, many of which can be addressed through innovative technologies such as fast and cheap diagnostic tests. Innovation in the sector is hindered, however, by poor or non-existent regula...
FemBioBiz phase 2 winners, judges and facilitators
FemBioBiz Phase 2 Results are in for South Africa & Lesotho
31 July 2018
The 2nd phase of the South African edition of FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme concluded on Friday last week in Cape Town, with four female bio-entrepreneurs selected to represent SA and Lesotho at the annual...
FemBioBiz Phase 2 winners from Namibia
Namibia’s finest – FemBioBiz Phase 2 winners
25 July 2018
Four female entrepreneurs have won the Namibian round of the FemBioBiz Phase 2 competition, and will go on to compete...
Eternity Foods Soup
Capacity building empowers Lesotho female entrepreneur
20 July 2018
It is a well-known fact that women are the backbone of their communities and also play a key role in the economies of their countries. One woman who shares this sentiment is 52- year old Mmakgabatso Shale who has turned her company Eternity Fo...
Debina Lobine in Italy
Mobility grant takes PhD student’s research to the next level
19 July 2018
Mauritius, together with Rodrigues possess a rich biodiversity comprising both endemic and exotic flora and fauna and represent a goldmine for the global food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, yet it has been largely under-utilized up un...
Malawi on the map – FemBioBiz Phase 2
17 July 2018
The second phase of FemBioBiz Season 2 has concluded for Malawi, home...