Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences Bursaries – Proteomics Bioinformatics


This course (21-26 July 2019) provides hands-on training in the basics of mass spectrometry (MS) and proteomics bioinformatics, search engines and post-processing software, introduction to quantitative proteomics approaches and related statistical concepts, MS proteomics data repositories and public data re-use, how to employ existing databases for protein analysis, perform the annotation of subsequent protein lists and the incorporation of information from molecular interaction and pathway databases.
Limited bursaries are available and are awarded on merit.


Applicants should be research scientists with a minimum of a degree in a biological discipline, including laboratory and clinical staff, as well as specialists in related fields.

Award amount

Up to 50% reduction on the course fee.

Deadline for online application: 14 April 2019

For more information, please visit: https://coursesandconferences.wellcomegenomecampus.org/our-events/proteomics-bioinformatics-2019/