WEGE Prize 2021 for undergraduates and graduate students worldwide


Wege Prize is an annual competition that ignites game-changing solutions for the future by inspiring college/university students around the world to collaborate across institutional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries to redesign the way economies work. Participants contend for over $30,000 (USD) in total cash prizes, all while helping to show the world what the future of problem solving looks like.

Individual Participation Requirements

To be eligible to participate on a Wege Prize 2021 team, you must:

  • Attend a college, university, or equivalent institution of higher education anywhere in the world
  • Be a student enrolled in a full-time (or equivalent) undergraduate or graduate program*

*Both undergraduate and graduate level students are eligible to compete. Teams can be composed of both undergraduate and graduate students if they so choose. 


Team Participation Requirements

To be eligible to participate in Wege Prize 2021, teams must:

  • Have exactly five members
  • Represent at least three (3) different academic disciplines*
  • Represent at least two (2) different institutions of higher education, such as colleges, universities, or separate colleges/schools within a larger university. (For instance, a team member from Example University's School of Engineering and a team member from Example University's School of Earth Sciences would be considered as representing two different institutions.)*

*These are the minimum requirements. Teams with the greatest disciplinary and institutional diversity will likely have a higher probability of success.

The challenge

How can we create a circular economy? 

Each team must leverage its transdisciplinary makeup to collaboratively design and propose a product, service, business/non-profit organization, or other solution to a wicked problem that can help us transition from a linear economic model to a circular economic model.

Award prizes

Winning teams will split the following awards evenly between their five members:

First Place: $15,000 (USD)

Second Place: $10,000 (USD)

Third Place: $5,000 (USD)

For more information on how to apply, please visit: http://www.wegeprize.org/#competition

Deadline for applications: 9 November 2020