SEED Awards 2021 for sustainable entrepreneurs

What are SEED Awards?

The SEED Awards is an awards scheme designed to celebrate the most innovative and promising locally led enterprises in sustainable development. Each year, multiple award categories are offered, ranging from country- or region-specific topics. This year there are two (2) categories: SEED Low Carbon Awards and SEED Climate Adaptation Awards.

SEED Award Winners and Runners-up are eligible for participation in our Accelerator and Catalyser programmes, respectively.

Who can apply? What are eco-inclusive enterprises?

  • All eco-inclusive enterprises from eligible countries of each award category (see Award Category below) are welcome to apply.
  • Regardless of the entity’s legal status, eco-inclusive enterprises refer to enterprises that contribute to sustainable development. They are market-driven entities that provide solutions to social and environmental problems.
  • They create impact in marginalised communities, and contribute to eliminating poverty through pioneer business models based on sustainability and the creation of responsible products, services and value chains. These enterprises are ideally located within communities and generate lasting social and economic opportunities. They employ and incorporate low-income or vulnerable populations, including women and unemployed youth, in their value chains as suppliers, distributors and consumers.

Which Award category should I apply for?

This year there are two SEED Awards categories. Depending on your eco-inclusive enterprise and where it is operational, you may apply for only one of the categories:

  • SEED Low Carbon Awards: Ghana, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand & Uganda
    • SEED Low Carbon Awards are open for eco-inclusive enterprises whose key activities, products and services contribute to a low carbon reality, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. The enterprises in the sectors of biodiversity, clean energy, green technologies, sustainable agriculture, waste management and resource efficiency as well as water, sanitation & health are all eligible in this Awards Scheme.


  • SEED Climate Adaptation Awards: Botswana, Malawi, Zambia
    • SEED Climate Adaptation Awards are open for eco-inclusive enterprises that prevent or minimise damages caused by global warming and fluctuating weather patterns. In other words, SEED Climate Change Adaptation Awards look for enterprises that provide solutions to respond to effects of climate change or prepare for future impacts. Examples include supporting efficient use of scarce water resources; developing drought-tolerant crops; food insecurity prevention; coastal management, natural disasters management and warning system etc.

Is the SEED Awards for me?

The SEED Awards support established eco-inclusive enterprises that have proven market transactions (you have started selling your products/services). Applications should present a clear business case and feasible financial sustainability for its current/future revenue model. Applications that have potential to scale and can be replicated in order to maximise impact will be highly favoured.

How do I apply for the SEED Awards?

Entries for the SEED Awards 2021 open on 1st Feb 2021. Applications are accepted on the SEED Platform at New users will need to register for a new account to be able to access the application form. This provides secure access to all the information you will need to submit an application.

Registration is now open. We encourage you to register early to the platform to receive updated information about the SEED Awards.

To register and apply, please click here

For more information, please visit:

Application period is from 1 February 2021 til 22 March 2021, 23:59 Central European Time (CET).