Request for Proposals: GHIT Fund Discovery Investment Target Research Platform


The GHIT Fund is pleased to release the eighth Request for Proposals for the Target Research Platform to support the early-stage discovery and development of novel technologies and approaches for new drugs, vaccines, or diagnostics for malaria, tuberculosis, and Neglected Tropical Diseases listed in the GHIT Intent to Apply form.
Proposed projects should be innovative in nature and focused on early-stage discovery and technologies and approaches that address unmet or priority needs within the outlined disease and intervention scopes. In addition, proposed projects should be primarily originated from and be led by Japanese organizations and partnerships will need to be between eligible Japanese and non-Japanese organizations.


TRP investments are intentionally broad in potential scope and focus on new technologies and novel approaches. Proposals must  be  within  the  project  scope and  investment  eligibility below in  order to  be considered. The  TRP  is  currently  focused  on  technologies  and  approaches  that  address  unmet or  priority needs within malaria, tuberculosis and Neglected Tropical Diseases listed in the GHIT Intent to Apply form.The duration of the project should not exceed two years.

The proposed collaboration project may include, but is not limited to:

  • Novel mechanisms of action for therapeutic targeting
  • Pathogen component targeting to impact disease rather than infection
  • Novel vaccine concepts, targets, and constructs
  • New and improved approaches to diagnostic assays

For detailed Request for Proposals information, please visit RFP-TRP-2019-002.  The deadline to submit the Intent to Apply form is no later than 10am JST on August 27, 2019.
Please note that the submission deadline for the Full Proposal is by no later than 10am JST on September 10, 2019.