IPBES Call for nominations of experts – assessment of invasive alien species

About the Call

In line with the agreed procedures for the preparation of IPBES deliverables, the Multidisciplinary Expert 
Panel would like to formally invite Governments and stakeholders to nominate experts for the assessment of invasive alien species.

All Governments and relevant organizations or institutions are encouraged to submit nominations. Nominations may also be submitted by organizations or institutions, regardless of whether they are admitted to the Plenary of IPBES as an observer. 
Nominees should have expertise related to the themes and skills required for the chapters of the 
assessment as set out in its scoping document. They should be experts on invasive alien species within one or more of the following disciplines: natural sciences; social sciences; or the humanities; be indigenous and local knowledge experts or have expertise in indigenous and local knowledge systems; or be policy experts and practitioners. All nominees should have experience in working within interdisciplinary and/or international contexts.

Interested experts (Nominees) who would like to seek nomination by a Government, are encouraged to 
contact their IPBES National Focal Point (https://www.ipbes.net/national-focal-points) regarding any 
country-specific processes or deadlines and are requested to fill out their application form by no later 
than 11 January 2019.

Nominators (governments or organizations) should approve the applications and 
submit their nominations by 1 February 2019. Early nominations ahead of the deadline are encouraged. 
Experts will be selected according to the IPBES rules of procedure during IPBES 7, taking place from 29 April to 4 May 2019 in Paris, France. Experts will be informed of their selection in June 2019.

Deadline for applications is 1 February 2019

Further information is available at: https://www.ipbes.net/sites/default/files/em_2018_22_call_experts_ias_20180921_tsu3.pdf