Gauteng Biotech Fundi Awards

Gauteng is a vibrant scientific hub with world-class R&D facilities, research centres and academic institutions that are all geared towards a thriving Biotechnology sector. The Gauteng Department of Agriculture, and Rural Development (GDARD) and The Innovation Hub (TIH) have partnered to host another exciting and inspiring Gauteng Biotech Fundi Awards. Individuals and institutions involved in developing the Biotechnology and the Bio-economy sector in the province are all encouraged to enter the Biotech Fundi Awards 2017 where the winners will be incentivized. This program furthermore recognizes best performers among the 450 students who have been supported by GDARD through the Biotechnology bursary program. Biotechnology linked in particular to agro-processing innovation and the Agri-food value chain is an important pillar towards the realization of the Transformation, Modernization and Transformation (TMR) Pillar of the Gauteng Province.
Established in 2007 by the Gauteng Province, the Biotech Fundi Awards remains one of the initiatives that aligns with the province’s strategy to position Gauteng as a key driver of the development of biotechnology and bio-economy sector towards a knowledge-based economy.
This year’s awards categories are:
·         Bio-Entrepreneur Award;
·         Best Researcher Award;
·         Capacity Builder Award;
·         Lifetime Achievement Award;
·         Best Postgraduate;
·         Young Researcher Award and;
·         Bio-Communicator

The winners will be awarded during a prestigious ceremony hosted on the 28th of February 2017 (Venue TBC).

Entries close on Wednesday, 31 January 2018 and forms can be accessed here:
Do note that:
1.       Those who applied within 5 years of winning a BioFundi Category are not eligible to apply for the same category.
2.       Applications from those operating, studying, working etc. outside of Gauteng are not eligible to apply.