FemBioBiz participant: Sarah Ngwenya

Sarah Ngwenya - Kalomo Grain Marketing Ltd

Rural Zambia, despite being a major producer of primary agriculture products, is battling with high levels of malnutrition. KGML is assisting to solve this problem through a combined social and market approach.

Trading as Supreme Seed Ltd, the company is involved in the production of improved certified legume seed varieties and works with women-led farmer groups in Chongwe (Tiwine Seed Growers Association), Mumbwa (Patumu and Chikopa Farmer Groups) and Kapiri Mposhi districts (Pachepache and Kapiri Seed Growers Association), providing these farmers with cheap certified seeds that are high yielding and adapted to the climate, therefore increasing their output and revenues.

Also through its Supreme Oil, KGML works with about 1 000 women smallholder farmers in Mumbwa through an initiative called Supreme Women Co-operative Society, who are supplied with certified soya bean seeds and fertilizer to grow soya beans on their farms, after which KGML buys the soya beans and processes them into 100% cholesterol free vegetable oil at its processing plant in nearby Nambwa, thus providing the locals with a ready market for their soya beans and a cheap highly nutritious vegetable oil which they provide to their families, as well as cheap soya bean cake for their livestock.