FemBioBiz participant: Chilufya Buumba Kapilikisha

Chilufya Buumba Kapilikisha - Zambezi Pineapple Ltd 

Zambezi pineapples produces a healthy dried fruit snack which is gluten free, high in vitamin C, has no preservatives or MSG, and is good for digestion and coughs. Their goal to provide a healthy, nutritious and ready-to-eat product which is portable. Over the years Zambia has been importing unhealthy sugary snacks which in the long run has increased obesity and diabetes. Zambezi Pineapple is working on replacing these unhealthy snacks with theirs. Their products are currently available in some chain stores and health stores, including hotels and cafes. They started with their flagship product, the unique dried pineapple, and are building on their success by broadening their product range to meet the demand for healthier snacks.