FemBioBiz participant: Sylvia Banda

Sylvia Banda - Sylva Food Solutions Ltd

Sylvia is tackling the high levels of poverty in rural Zambia and facilitating the economic and social development of smallholder farmers by encouraging a shift from subsistence farming to commercial farming of local food. She is working to combat the low demand for locally produced, traditional food in Zambia by creating entrepreneurial hubs that serve as a market place for these goods and by fostering an appreciation for local food in both rural and urban areas. Her organization, Sylva Food Solutions (SFS), provides a market for smallholder farmers by connecting them with businesses that need their produce. These businesses include restaurants, catering services, food processing and packaging. Sylvia has also boosted demand for local and international, healthy, nutritious, indigenous food such as; moringa soup, moringa nutri-cereal, moringa teabags, assorted dry vegetables and fruits. Sylva Food Solutions is the hub of many innovations.