FemBioBiz participant: Namakau Nyambe

Namakau Nyambe - Student at University of Zambia

Namakau’s idea is to employ the use of a software that can give patients who go to a health facility 10 minutes free access to the internet and get information on cervical cancer. They would get a link to a questionnaire which asks them how much they know about cervical cancer and if they have ever screened for cervical cancer if the patient is female. Depending on their responses, they will be notified if the facility they have visited provides cervical cancer prevention services and if not, they will be given the name of the nearest health facility with those services. The target market if the Ministry of Health and cooperating partners whose interest is cervical cancer prevention.

This software will help collect information from the population which can help inform cervical cancer prevention program design, and help improve cervical cancer screening access which may help reduce the mortality rate among women resulting from cervical cancer.