FemBioBiz participant: Mary Yuyi

Mary Yuyi - Munati Licho Healthy Foods 

Green for Gold Agro-processing Ltd produces and sells Moringa leaf powder, seed, seedlings, oil and soap from Moringa sourced from small-scale farmers across Zambia. Their business tackles malnutrition, hidden hunger and micronutrient deficiencies through promotion of moringa. They provide organic, effective cosmetic and skin/hair care products that heal and aren’t harmful to the body or environment. The company processes and packages Moringa into a variety of products for health, food, and general wellbeing. Their goal is to see people reaping all the benefits Moringa has to offer through certified products that are safe, genuine, readily available and well packaged. The company also produces a healthy drink from tamarind, a wild fruit, with ginger and baobab.