FemBioBiz participant: Mirriam Chipulu

Mirriam Chipulu - Shais Enterprise 

Shais Enterprise Ltd is agriculture and agro-processing company trading as Shais Foods specialized in locally grown grains and crops with the clear concept of cereal enhancement. The problem at hand is that 40% of the children under five are suffering from stunted growth, while 48% of the population are undernourished due to mono-diets centred around white maize meal. There are also high numbers of night blindness in young children and pregnant women, and a high number of diabetes patients. The products Shais makes are a rich source of iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin A and a rich composition of minerals and proteins. Shais products are sold in local supermarkets such as Robert’s fish and veggie, all the Melisa supermarkets, Rwanda’s shops in the townships, as well as Food Lovers at the Levy Mall. The company’s main customer segments are mothers with children above six months, pregnant women, diabetes patients, school feeding programs, hospitals, and refugees centres.