FemBioBiz participant: Mapalesa Mothokho

Mapalesa Mothokho - Green Harvest Farms (Pty) Ltd

Green Harvest Farms (Pty) Ltd is an agricultural farm which started in August 2017 with site preparation and installation of 300m square tunnel, 360m square fully covered shade net and approximately 400m square partially covered land with shade nets. The technologies employed in the farm are climate smart agricultural technologies (double digging, use of animal manure and drip irrigation system) for soil fertility and moisture conservation. The farm produces fresh vegetables (tomatoes, sweet peppers, green beans and green leafy vegetables (spinach, mustards, rape etc). The farm also keeps merino sheep. This is for symbiotic relationships as the animal manure is used for soil fertility and on the other hand the animals benefit from vegetable waste that is not fit for the market and human consumption. The company contributes to food and nutrition security as well as employment creation, currently targeting the community around the farm area, street vendors, hotels, restaurants, food chain stores and fresh produces markets in Maseru and nearby towns.