FemBioBiz participant: Magreth Tsuses

Magreth Tsuses - Eden Manufacturers cc


Eden personal care and pharmaceutical products

The Eden Manufacturers cc is a multifaceted natural pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products manufacturing venture as formal small enterprise (SME).

The company's goals:
• To be the leading manufacturer of consumer personal care  and pharmaceutical products. A healthy life with radiant beauty, inside and out, that create a feminine holistic pleasure and beauty
• While based on ancient recipes, their research and development team and labs are constantly focused on the future. This allows them to stay ahead of the latest developments. Their R&D team are constantly improving maximum natural formulations, cold extracting and mixing processes, for the best input possible into the products and skin care applications of Kigelia, Ximenia, Aloe Vera and Moringa. They aim to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all of their customer's needs. Thus: improved products and innovative applications quickly find their way to the customer.